Opera x Mrwhosetheboss


In the competitive realm of web browsers, Opera faced the challenge of maintaining its market presence and reaching a diverse user base in an innovative way. Recognising the need for a strategic partnership to enhance its brand appeal, the challenge was clear: how could Opera collaborate with a prominent YouTuber to redefine its narrative and resonate with a broader audience.



Saku Agency, a leading influencer agency adept at connecting brands and talent globally, emerged as the mastermind behind Opera’s transformative partnership with UK’s No. 1 Tech YouTuber  Mrwhosetheboss. Leveraging their strategic acumen, Saku Agency ensured the seamless integration of Opera’s unique features with Mrwhosetheboss’s influential online persona. From identifying impactful creative assets to obtaining necessary approvals, Saku Agency orchestrated a collaboration that has been going on for over a year. This strategic facilitation guaranteed that Opera’s narrative, bolstered by Mrwhosetheboss’s endorsement, would resonate effectively with Mrwhosetheboss’s audience.



The partnership between Opera Browser and Mrwhosetheboss, orchestrated by Saku Agency, unfolded as a notable success. The collaboration showcased Opera’s distinctive features through Mrwhosetheboss’s engaging content, resulting in increased brand visibility and user engagement. The seamless integration of technology, innovation, and the creators credibility resonated strongly with Opera’s target audience.

This collaboration, expertly guided by Saku Agency, stands as a compelling case study—a testament to the transformative power of strategic partnerships in reshaping brand narratives and solidifying a brand’s position in a competitive market.


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