Foreo x Rita Ora


In the fiercely competitive landscape of beauty technology, FOREO found itself tasked with the mission of not just maintaining but amplifying its brand visibility to captivate a broader audience. Despite its established standing in the industry, the challenge remained apparent: how could FOREO strategically leverage a partnership to heighten its presence and forge a more profound connection with consumers?



Recognising the need for a transformative partnership, Saku Agency facilitated a collaboration with global sensation Rita Ora. Saku identified the most powerful creative assets, ensuring they resonated effectively with Rita Ora’s influential style and the brand’s commitment to cutting-edge skincare solutions. The agency worked diligently to secure approvals from Rita Ora’s management, guaranteeing a seamless collaboration process. Moreover, Saku meticulously prepared these assets for social usage, contributing to the creation of a compelling narrative that transcended traditional endorsements.



The partnership with Rita Ora unfolded as a resounding success. Unveiling Rita’s Met Gala skincare routine, the collaboration garnered substantial media coverage and ignited consumer interest. The partnership had a major impact on FOREO’s brand awareness, solidifying it as a compelling case study within the beauty and skincare industry. This collaboration, showcasing the transformative power of strategic partnerships, not only elevated brand perception but also resonated with consumers on a deeper level.


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