David Guetta x Lyre’s


In the competitive landscape of the beverage industry, Lyre’s, a leading non-alcoholic spirits company, sought to expand its market presence and engage a broader audience. Despite pioneering the non-alcoholic sector, Lyre’s identified the necessity for a strategic partnership to augment brand visibility and resonate with a diverse demographic. The challenge was clear: how could Lyre’s distinguish itself and cement its position as a premier player in the non-alcoholic beverage market?



Saku Agency emerged as the driving force behind Lyre’s strategic response: Recognising the imperative of a transformative partnership, the agency facilitated a groundbreaking collaboration with international music icon David Guetta. Renowned globally for his influence in the music industry, Guetta was the perfect collaborator to amplify Lyre’s brand messaging. This strategic alliance surpassed the realms of a mere celebrity endorsement, aiming to craft a movement of sobriety and inclusivity. The partnership encompassed co-branded marketing campaigns, social media activations, and special events which will be seeded across a multi-year partnership.



The Lyre’s and David Guetta partnership commenced in November 2023 with tremendous enthusiasm, marking the start of a transformative journey. While the full impact is unfolding, the initial media echo has been massive, indicating a promising trajectory toward success. The ongoing journey will reveal the true extent of the partnership’s influence on Lyre’s business, making it a captivating case study in progress that captivates consumers and industry observers alike.


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