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About us

Welcome to Saku Agency, where innovation meets influence. We are a dynamic influencer marketing agency dedicated to forging powerful connections between global brands and a diverse array of celebrities and influencers. At the heart of our mission is the belief that collaboration is the key to creating extraordinary brand experiences.

Our Vision

We envision a world where brands not only reach their target audience but create lasting impressions by harnessing the authentic voices and captivating stories of influencers and celebrities. Our agency serves as the bridge between visionary brands and the influential figures who can elevate their narrative to new heights.

Our Expertise

With a finger on the pulse of influencer marketing trends and an extensive network of influencers and celebrities, we curate partnerships that transcend borders and industries. From A-list celebrities to emerging influencers, we have the expertise to match your brand with the perfect voice.

Talents we have worked with

Rita Ora

Arun Maini

David Guetta

Sophie Hermann

Kate Beckinsale

Daisy Lowe

Amber Rose Gill

Brands We Work With