Brent Cross x Daisy Lowe


Brent Cross Shopping Centre aimed to create a meaningful and philanthropic initiative in partnership with Barnet Council’s ‘Family Friendly Barnet’ scheme, which creates mental health support initiatives for children and young people. during the holiday season with the launch of the Christmas Giving Tree campaign. The challenge was to amplify the reach of this heartwarming initiative, boost social media engagement, and establish a connection with a prominent influencer to drive widespread participation.



Saku Agency, a leading influencer marketing agency, took a strategic approach by connecting Brent Cross with influencer Daisy Lowe and working in partnership with Explode Social Media on this initiative. Recognising Daisy’s dedication to charitable causes, we proposed a social media collaboration to amplify the Christmas Giving Tree campaign. Utilising Daisy’s authentic presence and engaged follower base, we carefully crafted a compelling narrative, emphasising the opportunity for followers to contribute and make a child’s Christmas special.



The collaboration between Brent Cross shopping centre, Daisy Lowe, and the Christmas Giving Tree campaign was a collaborative success. Daisy’s sincere engagement on social media struck a chord with her followers, resulting in widespread awareness and active participation in the initiative. The campaign garnered a great response positioning Brent Cross as a socially responsible and community-driven shopping centre. The outcome transcended a mere philanthropic partnership, serving as a heartwarming testament to the positive impact celebrities can have when aligned with meaningful causes.


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